The Plan

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The word PLAN has been set forth for us to use by both Yajweh and the delegation of Arcturians.
Therefore and in keeping with their terminology, here is our plan:

1.  To bring Yajweh together with Pārroco to sit in harmony, "Break Bread" and become in unison.

2.  For our team of people to come alongside and assist Yajweh with his ever-developing plan (to include the search for artifacts) and additionally for this team of Jahku to widen the audience of the spoken material. 
This has always been the unspoken plan.

3.  To foster a thriving community of like-minded individuals that engages its members.  These are people who have already embraced the essential ideals.  We indend to bring them into action with the result being a raised conscious level and a changed world for peaceable existence on this planet and the greater good.  This is happening now!

4.  Creation of a non-profit sustainable shelter / retreat as both a means of off the grid living and a base of operations for Yajweh. 

5.  The conscience training of all team members to be acute and active participants in the Dream-Time Project.

6.  Pursue additional methods of relating the message thereby increasing funding sources and sustainability for the organization.  This will eventually include contacting Terran researchers within the field of interstellar anthropology and the exploration of additional venues such as broadcasting, merchandising, website sponsorships - advertising, and eventually subscriptions.

7.     Finally, we will establish a written set of criterion by which team members who desire to be approved for contact and assignment may be equitably judged and know their levels of accountability.  Going forward it is imperative that we have a system of order and attainment to strive for.  This will benefit those who wish to step into active roles in the physical world apart from Dream Time.

How to Get There

We will be including the structural and monetary ideas here once the liaison has presented this initial material to Yajweh and it meets with his blessings.  


+7 #1 Glassgun 2013-06-29 00:32
First idea is pertaining to step one. When you guys break bread. Broadcast it. We don't need to see yajweh on camera just hear it. Love to se porrocco though. There is plenty of sites available where you can broadcast a meeting where people can also join in on a live chat. This is the 21 century. We have the tools and technology. We can rebuild!!!

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