Yellow - Welcome Letter Long Version

Written by Parroco. Posted in Yellow



Thank you for opening your mind for just a moment and allowing a seed to be planted as you give your valuable time to read this.  This letter is a two-fold call to action.  It addresses people of like minds, many of us who identify with several or all of the following categories: Metaphysical, Ancient Alien, UFO, Free Energy, Psychic/Tarot, Light-worker, Empath, Science-Fiction (Emerging Technologies), and Conspiracy Theory.  As groups have developed over the past 80 years, we have struggled independently for momentum within the arenas of disclosure, transparency & acceptance.  We also struggle now with the condition of our world and the very disheartening shape of our societal norms.  Many of us consider it nothing less than miraculous that we have not engaged yet in a third world war.  The living conditions around the globe are appalling. 


It is important to note the distinction that this is not a call for people to force their beliefs across lines or adopt something before they are ready.  A person must have resonance within their belief structure in order to grow.  We only encourage everyone to keep an open mind.


The fundamental point of this movement is to motivate people to be active in the recognition and participation of a group that actively promotes peaceable coexistence and an end to mass killings.  It is a blight on our planet and the scourge of our race.  To further this point, we believe in the sustainable sharing of planetary resources under the umbrella of understanding that all beings share equality and birthrights to usage.  The second piece is to raise the consciousness level of humanity as it pertains to the existence of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences and the future possibility of inclusion in any such galactic community.


The belief that supports both points is that if we are ever to progress as a collective species that we must immediately begin to use our inherent gifts of spirit, which indelibly exist and connect us to the planet and to each other.  We have to rapidly move past the point of using tiny bits of evidence in trying to prove anything (i.e. that strange events happened, hidden technology exists, mental prowess can be developed or that extra terrestrials could have developed or might exist).


This letter and the movement are all about creating positive change together.  To put aside the old ways in which we have thus far sought disclosure and to adopt a new method; that is one of acknowledging ourselves and the power we carry.  When all the people in the world come together then the subjects cannot be denied.  To do this we must admit that we have had an inaccurate perception of things in our galaxy.  We have pre-conceived notions of things based solely on mountains of dis-information.  We must all learn to check our fears and ignorances for they are a hinderance to our race.  


Many of us speak privately about things that intrigue us and we sometimes attend a conference or convention, however it hasn't been enough to be taken seriously by the respective "Powers That Be".  There has never been a globally recognized platform and an official inclusive movement for people to join and become involved with.  We must be responsible for taking action.  You should know that our governments will never encourage people to move forward.  This is based on control and greed.


Therefore, we submit that we should collectively engage each other on the next level.  As humans, one of our species’ faults is that we are inherently lazy and uncooperative.  We lack the vision to agree on consensus for the good of all mankind and we lack the willpower within our groups to take basic actions to accomplish goals which should be mutually beneficial.  These actions include listening and feeling with our hearts.  We must cease to focus on the past and declare both verbally and in writing that the moment of acknowledgement and acceptance is now.  The way to future is inclusion.  The universe is bigger than our tiny minds can imagine.  In it, all things are possible.


We encourage all of you to know the basics of each others material.  We encourage you to do inclusionary studies rather than comparative studies and to share with all of your friends and family what you hold to be true.  The simple act of everyone speaking will change the world.




In support of our secondary goal, we are formally introducing a Global Petition of Acknowledgement.  We encourage everyone to move past the conversational use of the term "disclosure" or the other monikers that our governments view as negative.  It has served us in the past to get people conversing but words carry meanings on a larger scale.  It represents the manifestation of a lie on the part of the world governments.   Lies are something that  they cannot and will never accept.


Please sign the Global Petition for Acknowledgement online at and view further information, events and suggestions at our website