Yellow - Platform Description

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What is Yellow?

Yellow is a global movement of like-minded individuals who share a single purpose: to uplift the consciousness of the entire human race. Yellow represents brightness and hope. It is our belief that when every person on earth has adopted these base principals, that humanity itself will be exponentially enhanced.


  1. End to all Killing, Slavery, Servitude
  2. Love, Dignity, and Respect for all biengs
  3. Free Exchange of Knowledge and Transparency in all things


This is the sum total word for our labors. We thirst for more while Base Need Suffering exists all over the world. Enough is the double-edged sword of our Movement and represents both the cultural and personal pressures of the modern world.

Enough is cultural

We have had Enough secrets in government and financial dealings

We have had Enough of the few protecting their own interests at the expense of the majority

We have had Enough of the empty glorification of wealth as a measure of success or worth

We have had enough of corporations and other people telling me what I need

We have had Enough of the killing

Enough is personal

I have enough to eat or drink, when I am sated

I have enough shelter, when I am protected from the elements

I have enough transport, when I can get where I need to be on time

I have enough technology, when I can communicate with my friends and family

I have enough so when I get more, I give to others so that they have enough


No one is beyond scrutiny and secrets for the sake of ‘national security’ or corporate ‘competitive advantage’ actually make us less safe and less free. We reject the whole notion of secrecy and believe that in today’s hyper-connected world secrets only serve the designs of those in power. National security is best served through the dedicated efforts of traditional law enforcement and by upholding the privacy rights of all individuals. We seek transparency at all levels for all institutions.


This year worldwide, more than 7.5 million people will starve to death which is five times the number of people who will die in car accidents. This figure does not include the more than a billion people worldwide that will go hungry. Two million children will die this year from treatable illness, and hundreds of millions more go without medical care altogether. 1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty without adequate food or shelter. We consider this situation a cultural tragedy and a blight on the human race. There is no excuse. We endorse shifting focus from the regions of the world that serve economic interests or war and redirecting resource to serve moral interests such as in Africa. It would cost approximately $40 billion to offer basic education, clean water and sanitation, reproductive health for women, and basic health and nutrition to every person in every developing country. This is the same cost of weapons appropriated to Israel over a decade.