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Written by Jamie Tooga. Posted in News

We're moving forward and subscriptions have been activated on and this has several important implications.

First, you will notice that The Vault is no longer accessible and that you cannot Reply or Post in the Forums. You need to subscribe, at minimum, to the Bronze membership level. It starts at a very reasonable $5/per month using PayPal. Should you have any extenuating circumstances that you can not make this commitment, please email Parroco and describe your situation and he will find a way to accommodate you.

Second, moving forward, only users at Silver level membership and above will be able to Post/Reply in the Forums. Bronze level members will have read-only access but will not be able to participate. Please note: all existing Vaulties will be upgraded to Silver membership level for life, as long as you continue to contribute at the Bronze membership level.

Third, we need your help to get things running smoothly! We want to start inviting others to participate in our online community. Please carefully follow the instructions for Subscribing below and report any issues/bugs you find to JamieTooga or Parroco with as much detail as you can. Once we're all geared up, we will be asking each existing Vaultie to invite five people you know to the site. Detailed instructions on this to follow.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and thank you for your ongoing support!

Instructions for Subscribing

  1. If you are already registered at, Log In from the Home page
  2. On the top menu, open the Members item. In the drop down list click Subscribe
  3. You will be presented with four Subscription Levels - select the level of support that you want by clicking Subscribe Now
  4. On the next screen, your selected Subscription Level will be listed at the top. Confirm this is the level you want - if not click the Back button on your web browser and choose another
  5. Fill out all fields on the screen. It is very important to supply your correct email address. We respect your privacy and ask that at minimum please provide your real Country of residence.
  6. Once all fields have been completed, click the blue Subscribe Now button at the bottom of the page.
  7. You will now be directed to PayPal. Login using your PayPal credentials. Note that this login email does not need to be the same email you use for your membership.
  8. Once logged in, review the payment description and verify that it reads " (DP Media)" at the top of the page. When satisfied, click the Agree and Pay button
  9. After your purchase was successful, click the Return to (DP Media) button on the lower left

IMPORTANT NOTE: After subscribing you may receive the error message : "There were some errors in the subscription form you submitted. The error messages appear in red letters next to each field of the form. Please correct them and click the Subscribe Now button again." If you see this message, please do not subscribe again - if you see the Thank You message then your Subscription was successful. Verify that your subscription is active by clicking the Back to the site's front page link at the bottom of the page. Under the Audio menu, The Vault should now be present.

Original Vaulties: Once you are subscribed at the Bronze level, please email Parroco or JaimeTooga and we will upgrade you to Silver level.

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